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Arrival Check List

Book a Townhouse: Arrival Check List

We want to be the first to say welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay. Please take a look at the important information below to prepare for your arrival. 





Check In

  • Your confirmation has been sent by email and your check in details will be sent via WhatsApp 24 hours prior to arrival. Please use the WhatsApp group for any questions during your stay. 


Cleaning & Covid 19

  • Please keep the property clean and tidy at all times respecting the shared facilities and your fellow Townhouse residents. Please click for our kitchen & bathroom etiquette guide here

  • Please remember to follow the UK government guidelines regarding Covid 19 and inform us straight away if you have a positive test result.

  • Whilst your room forms part of your personal space we would ask you to keep it clean & tidy at all times. Regular room & communal area inspections will take place for maintenance checks, smoke detector testing and general adherence to house rules with the relevant notice provided


Health & Safety

  • Please note this is a strictly NO SMOKING property with a penalty charge up to £200.

  • Please keep fire doors closed and do not tamper with the smoke alarms. They are installed for the safety of all residents and we have included a poster on actions to take in the event of a fire. Please do not store bikes inside the property or store any items on the escape route as they will be removed.  

  • Please use the gas central heating and electrical appliances responsibly. During this time of increased energy costs please follow our Energy Policy here for efficient usage 



  • This property accommodates both short stay & extended stay guests. No parties, groups of visitors, or loud noise allowed. In the unlikely event of any anti-social or illegal activity, this will be reported to the police and you will need to vacate immediately.






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