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Corporate Stay,  Business Travel,  Health Care Professionals,  Contingency & Temporary Accommodation, Government Housing  & Relocations.

Book a Townhouse.  

Corporate Stay


For almost 10 years we have provided Corporate Stays across Crewe & Stoke. From Civil Engineers and IT Specialists to Film Crews and Building Contractors. 

Companies have two options when booking a Townhouse in Crewe or Stoke. Either book by the room for a solo or small group of professionals, or book a whole house for your exclusive use accommodating up to 8 team members. Our corporate guests enjoy the facilities knowing they have a fully serviced kitchen, a lounge for relaxation and comfortable bedrooms whilst working away from home.


Business Travel


Bentley Motors employs more than 4,000 staff and with the head office at Pyms Lane in Crewe, we regularly accommodate both local and international employees and visitors to the company. ​Both Stoke & Crewe are home to many large employers such as AO.COM, AMAZON and BET365 to name just a few.

With Townhouses located throughout Stoke & Crewe, we are sure to have a property close to your place of work, whether you have a permanent position or visiting on business for a shorter stay. 

Health Care Professionals


Nurses, doctors, agency staff and key workers regularly book a Townhouse due to the low cost nature and close proximity to the hospitals. 

Quiet properties for night shift staff plus early check in and late check out to accommodate the very nature of the visit. 


We have properties within walking distance or a short drive or bus ride away from Royal Stoke Hospital and Leighton Hospital Crewe. 

UPDATE: We are listed as 'COVID-19 responders' and providing accommodation to NHS and KEY WORKERS during this time


Contingency & Temporary Accommodation

Charities, national organisations and local authorities often need a contingency for their strategic housing plans once they have reached housing capacity. 

We react quickly to provide quality homes on a temporary basis from 2-30 nights which can be extended for as long as needed as an alternative to unsuitable local provisions or expensive hotel rooms. 

We also work in partnership with small and large organisations providing long term accommodation from 1  - 10 years housing those vulnerable in the community often with supported housing needs. 

Government Housing 


We work closely with Cheshire East Council & Stoke on Trent 

City Council both as landlords and as developers creating new homes in the town and city.


Our property management company means we have access to a large number of rooms, apartments and houses and provide accommodation across a variety of sectors supported by the local authorities. 

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Relocating for work or leisure can be stressful however we make it as easy as possible with our range of accommodations available. 


We can organise short term accommodation or extended stays depending on the length of time needed and you can book a room, an apartment or an entire house.


Perhaps you are in between house purchases, maybe looking for your next home or relocating for a new job. Either way we know how to make your physical relocation to Stoke on Trent or Crewe as smooth as possible. 

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