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Booking a Townhouse and paying 'TownhouseCover'

'TownhouseCover' is a refundable payment made at the time of booking and returned at the end of your stay*

How much is 'TownhouseCover' ?

  • Single Rooms        £ 50

  • Double Rooms      £  75

  • Ensuite Rooms      £100

  • Studio/Suite           £100

  • Whole House         £ 500

When do I make the payment?

  • The refundable payment is made at the same time you pay for your booking. Our sales team will let you the total amount which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card payment or PayPal. 

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How does it work?


  • 'TownhouseCover' is a refundable payment you make at the time of booking which is then returned at the end of your stay.

  • The payment will be itemised on your booking confirmation to keep for your records as proof of payment.  

  • At the end of your stay, please follow the Townhouse check out policy. You can click here for the policy now. 

  • The payment is refunded within 5 days of your check out subject to any applicable charges.

  • Please Email Us with your full name, property, room number and payment amount along with your bank account details for the refund.

* What are the charges?

  • Most guests follow the Townhouse Check Out Policy and receive their payment back in full.

  • Charges will be deducted in two scenarios which are;

  • You will receive an email detailing the status of your payment if deductions are applicable
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Breakdown of charges (per room)

  • Missing keys                 £   50

  • Late check out              £   50

  • Deep cleaning              £   50

  • Carpet cleaning            £   50

  • Evidence of smoking    £  100

  • Damages                      £  100 - up to actual costs

  • Stolen items                  £  100 - up to actual costs

  • Anti social behavior      £  100

  • Missing payments        £  100 - up to actual costs

To avoid any charges, we recommend you follow the check out policy and ensure your room(s) are returned in the same way they were first presented to you on arrival. 

For any questions, email service@essentialpropertyoptions

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