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Preparing the Communal Space for an Arrival

We re-clean the communal areas for 1 hour before a guest arrives to make sure they are 100% satisfied when the first walk in. This is where we need the assistance of our housekeeping teams.

Expectations of the guest 

  • When a guest arrives, they havent seen the property before. They have only seen the photos online of a clean and tidy house

  • We want the guest to feel like the photos match the house AND that we have prepared the house for them.

  • We know the room is ready however the communal area can let us down as we don't know what it will be like on the day.

Bathrooms (5).JPG

Company Commitment 


  • As a company we have committed on average £2,000 per month in additional cleaning to ensure the houses are ready. 

  • If a guest walks into a house and then straight back out and cancels, the landlord looses between £500 - £600 per guest. This is not acceptable to us!

  • So we decided to provide a 1 hour communal clean on the day of arrival to guarantee they are satisfied. 

The Purpose of the 1 Hour Extra Clean

  • This is usually the second clean for the week and has a specific purpose.

  • Remember, these areas should already be generally clean from your regular visits so this an additional clean on top to be 100% certain the house is ready 

  • We want the guest to see

    • Clean fridge to store food (10 mins)

    • Empty clean cupboard to store food (10 mins)

    • Clean and empty sink​ (10 mins)

    • Clean oven and hob to cook (10 mins)

    • Clean shared bathroom (10 mins)

    • General clean of surfaces and floors (10 mins)

  • More Information

    • The expectation is that these areas are already clean from your regular visits so this gives you an hour to go over them again.

    • Please ensure there is one empty cupboard and move some items if needed to create it. If there isn't space this needs to be highlighted to the team straight away.

    • We are not expecting a full fridge or oven clean, as mentioned those are done in your regular visits, this 1 hour visit is to ensure they are re-cleaned for the arrival that day

    • If the arrival communal clean, is also your main communal for the week (and you just switched days), then please complete your usual timings and make sure the above is also included. If extra time is needed then please let us know when in the house. 


Remember The Letters B.S.C.O.F


  • B - Bathroom

  • S - Sink

  • C - Cupboard

  • O - Oven

  • F - Fridge

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