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Virtual Room Check

Your Townhouse Virtual Room Check is now due

...and it's a quick & easy 3 step process




Please take this opportunity to ensure your bedroom & bathroom have been cleaned and are well presented.  A clean living environment usually leads to less maintenance issues occurring and a more pleasant living environment for you. 



Please take 9 photos of the room

  • A photo standing in each corner of the room to see the whole room (4 photos)

  • A photo of the ceiling showing light and smoke detector (1 photo)

  • Photos of the ensuite bathroom (if applicable) (2 photos)

  • A photo of the shower tray & inside the waste/plug (2 photos)



Please email your photos to 

Please add your name, room number and property address along with any feedback you have regarding your room. Be sure to report any maintenance concerns in the room or house and anything you particularly like or dislike.


Virtual room checks are quick, easy and convenient for you. They are also essential for us to ensure your room is well maintained enabling repairs to be identified and fixed quickly . The room checks are mandatory and we appreciate your cooperation with the virtual process. 


We require your first virtual room check after your first month staying in a Townhouse and every 3 months thereafter. You will receive a reminder 5 days before the room check is due. If you would prefer a member of our housekeeping team to conduct the room checks on your behalf then we can do so at a charge of £40. 

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