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Kitchen & Bathroom

Book a Townhouse: Kitchen & Bathroom Etiquette

Harmonious houses are created by the guests and we expect kitchen & bathroom etiquette to be followed




  • Please clean the kitchen worktop immediately after food preparation

  • Please wash up all cooking utensils, cutlery and crockery immediately after use and place back in the cupboard

  • Please do not leave anything in the sink

  • Please keep food and drinks stored in the fridge and cupboard leaving space for others

  • Please do not take any food or drink not purchased by yourself

  • Please remove your old food and drink to avoid bad smells

  • Please place rubbish in the kitchen bins provided

  • Please place rubbish bags in the external bins once full





  • Please rinse the bath/shower and sink after use to ensure clean for the next visitor

  • Please take your towel & toiletries back into your room after use 

  • Please dispose of any rubbish in the bins provided

  • Please use the toilet brush when necessary

  • Please use in a timely manner in consideration of other visitors

  • Remember to ensure the shower power switch is ‘on’ when using an electric shower





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