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Smart Thermostat

Using a SMART Thermostat For Heating Control 

Spring & Summer Settings

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The SMART thermostat is programmed to provide energy efficient heating settings for the property. 


The heating increases from 06:00-10:00 and again at 18:00 - 22:00 when most guests are present in the property. It then switches off during the day when most guests are at work. 


The heating is set to achieve a an ambient temperature of 18 degrees. Once it reaches 18 degrees it will automatically switch off. The temperature is displayed on front of the thermostat.


To increase the heating temperature outside of the set timer to 20 degrees whilst you are in the property, please press the CH Boost button on the SMART thermostat which boosts the heating for 60 minutes. Once it reaches 20 degrees it will switch off. 


The radiator in your room must be ON for it to work. Please turn the dial on your radiator up to 5. Please note the radiator will only come on, if the main thermostat is on. If the thermostat is OFF then the radiator will be OFF.

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