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Cleaning A Townhouse for an 'Extended Stay' Arrival

OUR 'EXTENDED STAY' package is for our VIP Guests and have an upgraded cleaning plan. Our team will let you know when a VIP booking is made and the below process applies

Extra Cleaning

  • Please set the room for short stay and allocate 1 hr 45 minutes for cleaning and 15 minutes for maintenance checks, photos and a video sent on WhatsApp.

  • Please use the extra time to pull out all furniture and ensure the room and bathroom are cleaned from top to bottom. Don't forget windows, mirrors  high dusting, extractors fans and under the bed.

  • The room needs to look clean and also smell clean

  • If the room has a shared bathroom, then clean that during the visit too

  • Check the kitchen to see if any additional cleaning is needed

Room 5 (6).JPG

Double Amenities


  • 8 Tea, 8 coffee, 8 milk & 8 sugar

  • 2 Waters, 2 Cups

  • 2 Shampoo, 2 conditioner & 2 body wash

  • Single guest - 2 large towels, 2 small towels

  • Two guests - 4 large towels, 4 small towels

  • Hand wash in the ensuite/shared bathroom 

  • 2 Loo roll in wardrobe

  • 2 Loo roll in ensuite

  • Kettle

  • Iron & Ironing Board

3 Important Checks


  • Take 5 minutes to walk through the room and check everything works. Check TV, light, lamp, hot water and log any issues on Trello maintenance board

  • Take 5 minutes to take photos of the room and upload onto Trello housekeeping board

  • Take 5 minutes to create a detailed video of the room and send in the WhatsApp group. This means we can tell the guest they can check in

Bathrooms (5).JPG

Weekly Servicing


  • The Extended Stay VIP guests receive a weekly cleaning visit

  • The cleaning visit is 1 hour and the room and bathroom (ensuite or shared) is fully cleaned and bed linen and towels replaced 

  • Please also top up the double amenities

  • Our team will coordinate the cleaning day with the guest and ensure you have access to the room

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