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The All Bills Included Townhouse: What is included?

Gas, Electric, Water, Council Tax, TV Licence & WIFI


When staying at a Townhouse all your utility accounts are included in one fixed monthly payment. That includes gas, electric, water, council tax, TV licence and WIFI. The bills are paid by the landlord each month for you and/or your group. Most houses also include communal cleaning with additional

housekeeping subject to your package. 


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But.... they are not unlimited


It is important that the energy in the house is used responsibly, in particular the gas, electric and water. The meters are monitored regularly for usage.


We recommend:

  • Heating to be used in the mornings and evenings and to be switched off during the day. 

  • Heating to be set between 18-24 degrees and not to the maximum. 

  • Adequate clothing to be worn inside the house according to the season. Shorts in the winter with the heating on 30 degrees is not acceptable!

  • Devices to be switched off once fully charged 

  • Lights off when leaving the house

  • Responsible use of water when showering & cooking

Strictly Forbidden...


  • Electric fans

  • Electric heaters

  • Gaming equipment

  • Crypto mining equipment

  • Excessive heating settings

  • Heating on with windows open

  • Excessive running water

  • Fridges inside bedrooms

  • Non-residents using the washer/dryer

To help residents control the heating consistently we are installing smart meters and smart thermostats throughout the properties which are programmed to work efficiently with minimal fuss. 

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Financial Impact

The usage for each house is monitored and excessive use will be charged back to the residents. The monthly rental prices are calculated based on 'fair usage' and responsible usage will ensure the pricing is kept as low as responsible possible. We will communicate with you if this is the case with notice. 

The current climate means;

  1. Interest rates are increasing mortgage payments

  2. Inflation is increasing the cost of cleaning services

  3. Inflation is increasing the cost of maintenance repairs

  4. Energy hikes are increasing the costs of utilities provided 

Thank You


Thank you for choosing to stay in a Townhouse and thank you for your responsible actions to work together during this challenging time. 

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