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Simple Maintenance Fixes

Quick & Easy Solutions For Maintenance fixes

Good news.. We have quick and easy to follow solutions for simple repairs in your property so you can solve the problem you may be facing yourself. Click the links below to find the quick solution to your problem

Boilers, Heating & Hot Water


Boiler not working 

Boiler showing an error

Radiator not working

Heating is off

Thermostat isnt working

Settings for heating thermostat

No hot water


Showers, Blockages & Leaks


Electric shower not working

No water coming from the shower

Shower tray/screen leaking

Leak in/on ceiling

Blocked shower/sink

Blocked toilet

Mould in bathroom

Electrics & Power Cut


Sockets not working

Lights not working

Electric is off

Power cut


WIFI not working


Taking a meter reading


Washing machine / dryer not working

Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 22.47.57.png
Image by Allie

Keys & Keypads


How to use Yale electronic keypad


How to open keybox 

Lost keys


Door lock isn't working


Other Issues


Fridge not working / no longer cold

Mould on wall

Wardrobe/drawers and furniture

Beds & Mattress


Windows and doors

Microwaves, toasters, kettles


Screenshot 2020-05-22 at 22.47.57.png
Still need help?
Click Here to report your issue to the maintenance team

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